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Maximum Marketing Method (m3)TechnologyMarketing Awards

Award-winning marketing department

Attempting to best represent the properties of their sellers, Schrader represents the best in national and state auction advertising. With over 90 advertising excellence awards, Schrader has become synonymous with superlative advertising. We're proud to raise the standard for the auction industry with both innovative auction concepts (like our M3 system) and creative brochures, newspaper ads, and web presence.

With several in-house, bachelor-degreed designers working on top-of-the line equipment, our auction brochures and newspaper ads have caught the attention of bidders and contest judges alike. Schrader has won over 50 advertising awards in the past three years.

By managing all aspects of advertising in house, each auction's marketing campaign runs more efficiently and owns a consistent look from one medium to another.

Each brochure is custom-designed to accentuate the selling points of its respective property, to be efficient with space, and to attract and keep the reader's attention. Our brochures contain full auction terms and conditions, property pictures, and detailed property descriptions. These are then mailed to specific categories of our national, regional, and local proprietary buyer lists. Our automated mailing sytem receives postage discounts from the US post office, which we pass on to our sellers.

All newspaper and print ads are designed in-house often to match their respective campaign's brochure. We can submit these ads to virtually any paper in the country and many around the world. We carefully target proven media sources and create schedules and sizes to ensure maximum exposure for the sale.

Each auction has its own page on our web site. We have the ability to record the amount of traffic on these pages and to report the results to the seller. Every auction has a spot right on Schrader's home page, too so that visitors generated from newspaper ads or direct mail pieces can easily find specific auctions. With over 1,025,000 hits a month site-wide, each auction has guaranteed exposure.