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Maximum Marketing Method (m3)TechnologyMarketing Awards

As a full-service auction company, Schrader can professionally market all real estate and personal property. Over time, though, we've focused on several key markets. With prolonged focus comes a high level of experience and insight. As creators of the M3 system, we are the national innovators of the open-forum multi-tract real estate auction. We apply that prowess to all of our real estate auctions and apply innovation to our personal property auctions in the following areas of specialty.

Selling over 50,000 acres annually puts Schrader in a league of our own on both the local and national spectrums. Headquartered in an agricultural community and staffed by sales agents and executives each with agricultural experience, we know farmland inside and out. We can help you determine the worth of your property, the best means to sell it, and the benefits and possibilities of the 1031 Exchange process (if applicable).

Schrader has sold thousands of acres of timberland in the last several years alone. Whether your property has already been timbered or is a sanctuary of shade, we can find the buyers that value your land as much as you do. We can even offer the standing timber as separate offerings along with the real estate auction. Having worked with international paper-product companies in multiple states, no property is too large or too far away.

With today's high demand of recreational land, Schrader's multi-tract system has allowed small- and large-acreage buyers to compete for their own piece of serenity and adventure. With local, regional, and/or national exposure, these properties receive maximum attention to create maximum demand. By separating wooded acreage from other land, recreational buyers need to bid only for what they desire and only against other like-use bidders.

Schrader can help with all aspects of commercial sales: inventory reduction, equipment liquidation, platted lots, standing structures, appraisals, and intellectual property. Our award-winning marketing staff can get your property in front of the right people with a corporate-level visual impact.

With about 100 chattel auctions a year, Schrader knows farm machinery and related equipment. Our expert staff of appraisers and auctioneers help you get the highest market value for your property. Our full-service mobile office hosts a clerking computer network and a waiting area.

Fertilizer and grain equipment require extremely focused marketing. Our staff experts and proprietary list of interested buyers are second to none in the Midwest. Whether you're a co-op looking to reduce inventory or to liquidate rolling stock, look no further than Schrader for professional marketing and appraisals.

Whether it's a loved one's estate or a personal collection, your antiques will benefit from an exhaustive marketing effort from one of our trained professionals. Competitive commission rates and professional advertising makes Schrader the easy choice for your antique and estate sales.

Understanding the Schrader Auction Advantage Versus Traditional Listings

In many cases, the auction marketing method is becoming the preferred means of selling and buying real estate. It's no surprise with all of the advantages auctions have over traditional listings, such as:

  • Guaranteed sale date with shorter marketing period
  • Simultaneous competition among buyers, and ability to force buyers into action
  • Local, regional and national exposure, and custom marketing solutions
  • Direct mail campaign with nationally-known proprietary buyer and purchased mailing lists
  • Exclusive website information for each property
  • Timely press releases, telemarketing and public relations
  • Lender/broker luncheons and multiple interactive inspection dates
  • Contingency-free contracts and non-refundable deposits
  • Intense focus on the properties to be marketed
  • Day of sale competition and excitement generates a sense of urgency for the buyer

1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange: a tool for buyers and sellers

1031 tax-deferred real estate exchanges have long been a tax-saving selling tool. With the ability to "swap" like-kind properties, property owners can avoid excessive capital gains taxes.

You might think such seemingly complicated transactions would be difficult to integrate with the auction marketing process, especially Schrader's exclusive M3 multi-tract system. With over 20 years of experience combining these two advantageous marketing tools, we know how to make it work for all parties involved.

Our agents can help you find an exchange partner and property best suited for your goals and investment portfolio. Call today to speak with one of our trained professionals: 800-451-2709