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Land Auction Event of the Year! 5,529 Acres in 54 Tracts - Tillable Land, Country Estates, Building Sites, Show Barn
Wed, Nov 16, 10:00 AM
34 Miles Southwest of Lexington, Kentucky - Mercer County

Owner: Anderson Circle Farms

• AUCTION EVENT OF THE YEAR! • Rich History in Cattle & Farming Operations • Multiple Historic Country Estates • Prime Tillable Farmland • State-of-the-Art Livestock Sale Barn • Well-Maintained Grounds & Fencing •


Meet a Schrader Representative at the Show Barn Located on Tract 35

See Property Location for Detailed Directions.

Friday, September 30, 3pm - 7pm

Saturday, October 1, 9am - 1pm

Friday, October 14, 3pm - 7pm

Saturday, October 15, 9am - 1pm

Tuesday, November 15, 3pm - 6pm


To inspection headquarters (Show Barn): From SR 60 (Martha Layne Collins Bluegrass Parkway) take exit 59 (US 127) south for 9 miles. Inspection headquarters (Tract 35) will be on left.

From Inspection Headquarters (Show Barn/Tract 35) to:

Chapline/Tracts 1-5
Turn LT onto US 127. Go .4 miles and turn LT onto Mundys Landing. Go 1.3 miles and turn RT onto Warwick Rd. Go 1.6 miles and turn LT onto Chinn Lane. Go 1.3 miles to Curry Pike and turn RT. Go 1.2 miles to the property where Curry Pike runs into SR 68.

Wildwood/Tracts 6-8
Turn LT onto US 127. Go .4 miles and turn LT onto Mundys Landing. Go 1.3 miles and turn RT onto Warwick Rd. Go 1.6 miles and turn LT onto Chinn Lane. Go .5 miles to the property on your right. Wildwood fronts on Curry Pike & Chinn Lane.

Anderson Circle/Tracts 9-27
Turn LT onto US 127. Go .4 miles and turn LT onto Mundys Landing Rd. Go approx. 1 mile to the property on your right.

Show Barn/Tracts 28-37
Turn LT onto US 127. Go .4 miles and turn LT onto Mundys Landing Rd. The property will be on your left. Or turn RT on US 127. Go .4 miles and turn RT onto Dunn Lane. The property will be on your right.

Wilkinson/Tracts 38-51
Turn LT on US 127. Go approx. 1 mile and turn RT onto Jackson Pike. Go .2 miles to the property on your left. The property also fronts on the west side of 127.

Ballard/Tracts 52-54
Turn RT on US 127. Go .8 miles and turn LT onto Talmage Mayo Rd (State Hwy 1160). Go 2.9 miles and turn LT onto Hopewell Rd. Go .8 miles and turn RT onto Parsons Lane. Go .5 miles to the property on your right.

Distance to Show Barn from:
Harrodsburg - 5.4 miles
Lawrenceburg - 15 miles
Lexington - 34 miles
Louisville - 67 miles
Cincinnati - 113 miles
Nashville - 200 miles

Lexington Convention Center
430 West Vine St., Lexington, KY
The Lexington Convention Center is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Lexington, at the corner of Broadway and High with entrances off Vine, West High, and West Main St.



The Chapline Farm is perhaps the most beautiful acreage contained in the Anderson Circle Farm or the whole Bluegrass Region for that matter.

The existing Chapline House was constructed by Rufus Henry VanArsdall ca. 1900. It is an excellent example of late Eclectic, i.e. Queen Anne & Colonial Revival with Roman Ionic columns. Numerous owners have occupied this house throughout the past 100 years.


From the exterior, the Spring House appears to resemble a typical Kentucky tobacco barn. However, since itft.s restoration in 1991, the Springhouse has housed hundreds of guests from all parts of the world.

The yellow popular timber structure is constructed with mortise and tenon joints held together with tapered wood pegs. Its warm and peaceful setting and beautiful views overlooking the springs make the Spring House truly a unique and inspiring structure.


Wildwood is a primary example of the High Victorian Italianate style, and is one of the best examples of this style in Kentucky, if not the United States. The Italianate style dominated American houses constructed between 1850 and 1880.

The rooms at Wildwood are made up of mostly hardwood floors with the exception of all the bathrooms which are tiled. The Kitchen at Wildwood is composed of a Nook Area and a Prep Area with chandelier and pendant lighting. The Formal Dining Room has beautiful chandelier lighting and a fireplace. The Living Room and Entertainment Room also have fireplaces. The Master Bedroom with a fireplace also has a foyer area and a master bath. There are two additional bedrooms and bathrooms, only one of the additional bedrooms has a fireplace.


Warwick Place is a new Brick House constructed in 2007 with a finished 1,700 sq. ft. Basement. Master Bedroom is 15ft.4in. x 13ft.8in. and includes a master bath of 14ft.x9.5in. and a walk-in closet of 14ft.x5ft.7in. Kitchen/Living Room is 22ft.6in. x 25ft.6in. Laundry area is 8ft.9in. x 6ft.3in. and includes a laundry sink. Two additional bedrooms are 11ft.x11ft.
Shop House - TRACT 18
Kitchen is 16ft.8in. x 11ft.11in. with hardwood flooring. Living Room Area is 19ft.3in. by 15ft.11in. with carpet and vinyl flooring. Bedroom 1 is 11ft.10in. x 11ft.1in. Bedroom 2 is 10ft.6in. x 11ft.5in. Bedroom 3 is 10ft.8in. x 11ft.6in. All bedrooms have carpet and a closet. Bathroom is 11ft.5in. x 5ft.9in. with vinyl flooring and a tub/shower combination unit. The Utility Room is 11ft.6in. x 7ft.10in. with hardwood flooring. The Shop House also has 3 outbuildings.


Kitchen has vinyl flooring and fairly new cabinetry. Dining Area is 12ft.4in. x 13ft.4in. with hardwood flooring. Living Room Area is 19.5ft. by 13ft.7in. with hardwood flooring. 1st Floor Bedroom is 13ft.10in. by 11ft.10in. with carpet and closet. Bedroom has an access door to the outside. Den Area with access to the bedroom is 11ft.11in. x 13ft.4in. and has hardwood flooring with a small Full Bathroom and a closet. Upstairs Master Bedroom is 14ft. x 13ft.4in. with a walkin closet, hardwood flooring and a second smaller closet. Bedroom 2 is 17ft.4in. x 12ft.4in. with carpet and a closet. Bedroom 2 has access to a smaller room 12ft.4in. x 10ft.4in. with carpet and built in shelves. The Upstairs Bath is newly redone. The Basement is 31ft.4in. x 25ft.4in.


Welcome to Walnut Hall, the Anderson Circle Farm residence of Ralph and Ruth Anderson. Walnut Hall was the first major restoration effort by Ralph and Ruth, and as a result of their efforts, it is now on the National Park Servicesft. National Register of Historic Places. Restoration was started in 1985 and completed in 1986.

Construction started circa 1840, and lasted for five years. Walnut Hall is perhaps the earliest of the three Greek Revival houses constructed in Mercer County.


Kitchen/Living Room Area is an open concept 23ft.9in. x 25ft.3in. with hardwood floors. Master Bedroom is 13ft.8in. x 10ft.11in. with carpet floors and a closet. Master Bath is 12ft.9in. x 5ft. with carpet and tile flooring. Bedroom 1 is 11ft.7in. x 9ft.11in. with carpet floors and a closet. Bedroom 2 is 11ft.11in. x 9ft.11in. with carpet and a closet. Full Bathroom is 11ft.5in. x 5ft.4in. with tile flooring. Basement Main Room is 23ft.9in. x 12ft.10in. with carpet. There are 3 additional rooms off the Basement being 17ft.9in. x 12ft. with a closet, 13ft.8in. x 11ft.4in. with carpet floors, and 22ft.3in. x 24ft.4in. with carpet floors.


The house is mostly carpet except for the kitchen and the adjacent bathroom. Those rooms have vinyl flooring. The Kitchen is 17ft.1.5in. x 14ft.9in. The rooms left and right of the front entrance both have fireplaces. The room to the right being 14ft.10in. x 14ft.10in. and the room to the left being 14ft.6in. x 15in. There is an additional room in the back with a fireplace that is 16ft.6in. x 15in. Bedroom 1 is 15ft.x15ft. Bedroom 2 is 13ft.6in. x 14ft.8.5in. with a closet. Bedroom 3 is 15ft.1in. x 14ft.9in. Bedroom 4 is 16ft. x 15ft.1in.


The Kitchen is 15ft.6in. x 13ft.9in. with nice cabinets and hardwood flooring. The Living Room is 15ft.5in. x 26ft. with a fireplace and stairs leading to the second floor. Bedroom 1 is 15ft.1in. x 14ft.11in. that connects to Bedroom 2 being 15ft.5in. x 14ft.11in. with a closet. Bathroom 1 is adjacent to Bedroom 1. There is a second Living Room Area being 19ft. x 15ft. with a door to the outside. Upstairs is a second bathroom fully remodeled. All upstairs bedrooms include closets. Bedroom 3: 15ft.4in. x 14ft.11in., Bedroom 4: 15ft.4in. x 14ft.11in., Bedroom 5: 19ft.x15ft., Bedroom 6: 15ft.2in. x 14ft.11in. & Bedroom 7: 13ft.4in. x 14ft.8.5in.

Tract 1: 108± ac Tillable
Tract 2: 71± ac Tillable
Tract 3: 65± ac Tillable
Tract 4: 66± ac Tillable / Chapline Estate
Tract 5: 107± ac Tillable / Pasture
Tract 6: 94± ac Tillable
Tract 7: 189± ac Tillable
Tract 8: 108± ac Tillable / Wildwood Estate
Tract 9: 83± ac Tillable
Tract 10: 77± ac Tillable
Tract 11: 94± ac Tillable / Pasture / Spring House
Tract 12: 152± ac Tillable / Pasture
Tract 13: 2.7± ac Warwick Place (Home)
Tract 14: 60± ac Tillable / Pasture
Tract 15: 42± ac Pasture
Tract 16: 148± ac Tillable / Pasture
Tract 17: 61± ac Tillable
Tract 18: 149± ac Pasture / Tillable / Shop House
Tract 19: 54± ac Pasture
Tract 20: 41± ac Tillable / Cecil House
Tract 21: 47± ac Tillable
Tract 22: 159± ac Tillable
Tract 23: 135± ac Tillable / Pasture
Tract 24: 40± ac Pasture / Tillable / Walnut Hall Estate
Tract 25: 2.6± ac Keith House
Tract 26: 27± ac Tillable
Tract 27: 32± ac Pasture
Tract 28: 60± ac Pasture / Tillable
Tract 29: 39± ac Tillable / Pasture
Tract 30: 41± ac Tillable
Tract 31: 112± ac Tillable
Tract 32: 47± ac Pasture / Tillable
Tract 33: 28± ac Tillable / Pasture / Keller House
Tract 34: 33± ac Tillable / Pasture
Tract 35: 63± ac Pasture / Tillable
Tract 36: 42± ac Tillable
Tract 37: 14± ac Zoned for Business
Tract 38: 233± ac Pasture / Tillable
Tract 39: 113± ac Tillable / Pasture
Tract 40: 387± ac Tillable
Tract 41: 176± ac Tillable
Tract 42: 76± ac Tillable
Tract 43: 238± ac Tillable
Tract 44: 92± ac Tillable
Tract 45: 51± ac Pasture / Tillable
Tract 46: 25± ac Pasture / Tillable
Tract 47: 21± ac Pasture / Tillable
Tract 48: 31± ac Tillable / Pasture
Tract 49: 141± ac Tillable / Pasture
Tract 50: 154± ac Pasture / Tillable
Tract 51: 251± ac Pasture / Tillable
Tract 52: 405± ac Woodland w/pond
Tract 53: 139± ac Woodland / Pasture
Tract 54: 279± ac Woodland / Tillable



PROCEDURE: The Property will be offered in 54 individual tracts, any combination of tracts and as a total unit at the dates and times as noted in this brochure. There will be open bidding on all tracts and combinations during the auction as determined by the Auctioneers. Bids on tracts, tract combinations, and the total property may compete.

DOWN PAYMENT: 10% down payment on the day of auction with the balance in cash at closing. The down payment may be made in the form of cash, cashiers check, personal check, or corporate check. YOUR BIDDING IS NOT CONDITIONAL UPON FINANCING SO BE SURE YOU HAVE ARRANGED FINANCING, IF NEEDED, AND ARE CAPABLE OF PAYING CASH AT CLOSING. ACCEPTANCE OF BID PRICES: All successful Bidders will be required to enter into a Purchase Agreement at the auction site immediately following the close of the auction. All final bid prices are subject to the Sellers acceptance or rejection.

PLANNING APPROVAL: All tract divisions are subject to approval by the Mercer County Plan Commission.

DEED: Seller shall provide a Special Warranty Deed. EVIDENCE OF TITLE: Seller agrees to make available to bidder a preliminary title insurance commitment to review prior to auction. The cost of title insurance, if the buyer(s) elect to have the title commitment executed, will be the responsibility of the buyer(s). Seller agrees to provide merchantable title to the property subject to matters of record, general conditions of title, and similar related matters. REAL ESTATE TAXES: The Owner will pay the current year taxes prior to closing or pay taxes in the form of a credit to the Buyer(s) at closing. Owner shall credit Buyer(s) at closing for said taxes based on the most recent ascertainable tax figures.

CLOSING: Closing shall take place on or about 45 days after auction date, or as soon thereafter as applicable closing documents are completed, at a location designated by Seller. With respect to the timing of bidder(s) fulfilling its obligations under a Purchase Agreement, time is of the essence.

POSSESSION: Possession of the land at closing, subject to tenants rights to harvest the 2011 crops on tillable land or Buyer(s) may have immediate possession after the auction for hunting privileges by signing a hunting lease which will expire at closing.

ACREAGE: All tract acreages, dimensions, and proposed boundaries are approximate and have been estimated based on current legal descriptions and/or aerial photos.

SURVEY: The Seller shall provide a new survey where there is no existing legal description or where new boundaries are created by the tract divisions in this auction. Any need for a new survey shall be determined solely by the Seller. Seller and successful bidder shall each pay half (50:50) of the cost of the survey. The type of survey performed shall be at the Selles option and sufficient for the issuance of an owners title insurance policy. Combination purchases will receive a perimeter survey only. Closing prices shall be adjusted to reflect any difference between advertised and surveyed acres on all tracts and tract combinations.

PRIVATE ROAD MAINTENANCE: Tracts with frontage on the private roads included in the Property will be subject to a road maintenance agreement (and easements over the tracts for the private road) that will require contribution by owners of those tracts toward the maintenance of those roads.

PROPERTY INSPECTION: Each potential Bidder is responsible for conducting at their own risk, their own independent inspections, investigations, inquiries, and due diligence concerning the Property. Inspection dates have been scheduled and will be staffed with auction personnel. Bidder shall be liable for any Property damage caused by Bidders inspection and investigation, if any.

AGENCY: Schrader Real Estate and Auction and their representatives are the Auctioneers and exclusive agents of the Seller regarding the sale of the Property.

DISCLAIMER AND ABSENCE OF WARRANTIES: All information contained in this brochure and all related materials are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the Purchase Agreement. ANNOUNCEMENTS MADE BY THE AUCTIONEER AT THE AUCTION PODIUM DURING THE TIME OF THE SALE WILL TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER ANY PREVIOUSLY PRINTED MATERIAL OR ANY OTHER ORAL STATEMENTS MADE. The property is sold AS IS, WHERE IS. No warranty or representation, either express or implied, or arising by operation of law concerning the Property is made by the Seller or Auctioneers, and are hereby expressly disclaimed. In no event shall Seller or the Auctioneers be liable for any consequential damages. The information contained in this brochure is believed to be accurate but subject to verification by all parties relying on it. Seller and the Auctioneers assume no liability for its accuracy, errors or omissions. All sketches and dimensions in this brochure are approximate. Conduct of the auction and increments of bidding are at the direction and discretion of the Auctioneers. Seller and the Auctioneers reserve the right to preclude any person from bidding if there is any question, in the sole judgment of Seller or the Auctioneers, as to such persons creditworthiness, ability or willingness to close on the purchase of the Property, credentials, fitness, etc. All decisions of the Auctioneers are final.

NEW DATA, CORRECTIONS AND CHANGES: Please arrive prior to scheduled auction time to inspect any changes, corrections, or additions to the Property information.

SELLER: Anderson Circle Farm